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- 3RCertified
- Take Back The Light
- Waste-Free Lunch Challenge
- Waste Reduction Week in Ontario


Whether spanning decades or introduced fairly recently, all RCO programs uphold our mission and mandate for a variety of audiences, and seek to communicate our message as widely as possible.

Explore our Programs:

3RCertified is an innovative program that provides credible, public recognition to businesses and institutions that have made a meaningful commitment toward achieving a variety of important environmental goals.

Take Back the Light
Take Back the Light is the first full-service fluorescent lamp recycling program for businesses and institutions in Ontario. Join the movement to keep mercury-containing lamps out of Ontario landfills.

Waste-Free Lunch Challenge
The Waste-Free Lunch Challenge is an elementary school program designed to challenge students across Ontario to go waste-free for a whole week as part of Waste Reduction Week in Canada.

Waste Reduction Week in Canada
Taking place every year in the third week of October, Waste Reduction Week in Canada informs people about the environmental, economic and social impacts of wasteful practices and engages them in reducing waste. Waste Reduction Week in Ontario focuses on the WRW campaigns specific to Ontario.

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