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3RCertified™ Waste Reduction & Diversion Program

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3RCertified™ is a voluntary certification program for the Institutional, Commercial and Industrial (IC&I) sector, recognizing organizations taking a leadership position in waste reduction and diversion.

The program's criteria covers the various ways an organization manages its solid waste – from policies and waste audits through operations, procurement of products and services, management reviews, and many other categories. The applicant organization earns a specified number of points for each criterion that it meets, and certification is awarded at one of four levels based on the total number of points earned. Certification is awarded based on total points earned and a successful on-site third-party evaluation.

Download a 3RCertified program info page (PDF).

Visit the 3RCertified website at:

3RCertified Allied Tools

OWAT CoursesIn conjunction with 3RCertified, RCO is delivering a number of tools and resources to support members of the IC&I sector to better understand and manage solid waste and associated costs in a more sustainable way.

Standard Waste Audit Methodology (SWAM)

RCO has standardized the methodology for conducting waste audits. 3RCertified applicants will be required to use the SWAM in order for waste audits to be accepted in the 3RCertified evaluation.

Waste Auditor Training (WAT) Program

The Waste Auditor Training program is based on the Standard Waste Audit Method and focuses on auditing principles, sampling methods, benchmarking and data analysis, and accurate methods of measuring and reporting performance.

Accredited Waste Auditor (AWA) Program

The purpose of the AWA program is to independently verify waste auditor credentials and provide access to these professional waste auditors by the IC&I sector within a public registry.

To learn more visit the 3RCertified website:

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