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Bill C-238 Receives Royal Assent and is now federal law

The National Strategy for Safe and Environmentally Sound Disposal of Lamps Containing Mercury Act calls on Canada's Minister of Environment and Climate Change to work with provinces, territories, and all interested and appropriate governments, persons, and organizations to develop a robust national strategy for the safe and environmentally sound management of mercury-containing lamps. More

Strategy for a Waste-Free Ontario: Building the Circular Economy

The Government of Ontario has finalized its plan to fight climate change by reducing landfilled materials that could otherwise be reused, recycled, composted and reintegrated into the economy. More

Knowledge Sessions 2017: Advancing the Circular Economy

RCO is hosting a trio of Knowledge Sessions to educate and empower members, interested stakeholders, and the public to better understand, support, and accelerate the transition from a linear model of take-make-dispose to a circular economy. More


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Yearly Diversion:

8.4 million tonnes - Total materials diverted (Canada)

2.8 million tonnes - Total amount diverted (Ontario)

Yearly Disposal:

25 million tonnes - Total non-hazardous waste disposed of (Canada)

9 million tonnes - Total non-hazardous waste disposed of (Ontario)

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Source: Statistics Canada

Events List

Sept 27 2017
The biennial Conference on Canadian Stewardship takes place in 2017, and the theme...
Oct 12 2017
RCO Knowledge Sessions Procurement: Advancing the Circular Economy through Buying...
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