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Wealth Without Waste Forum, February 2009

Feb 2-3, 2009

The Ontario Ministry of the Environment has recently launched its review of the Waste Diversion Act (WDA) – the statute under which all provincial waste diversion programs are developed.

Central to the WDA review is the aspirational goal of ‘zero waste’. The principal mechanism proffered to achieve zero waste is the implementation of effective Extended Producer Responsible (EPR) programs.

Key in the discussions surrounding the WDA review is how best to use the market place to achieve EPR outcomes - essentially, how EPR can foster competition to minimize costs and maximize environmental benefits.

In response to this ideal of an EPR driven market, the Recycling Council of Ontario, the University of Toronto (Centre for Environment, Department of Economics & Faculty of Law), Corporate Policy Group, and Blakes Lawyers partnered to host a two-day forum.

This forum, held February 2nd and 3rd, 2009, was sponsored by the Ontario Ministry of the Environment.

The full agenda and several of the speaker presentations (listed by the day they were presented) may be downloaded in PDF via the links on the right. Additional presentations will be uploaded as they become available. Also listed are related papers and case studies.

Please note that Donald Dewees's paper is final but comments on Andrew Binkley's paper are welcome. The author's contact information can be found at the front of his paper. Thank you.

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