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Using Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) to Reduce CRD Waste in Ontario

In 2004, the Ontario Ministry of the Environment estimated that 2.2 million tonnes of Construction, Renovation and Demolition (CRD) materials are sent to disposal every year. In 2006, RCO published a report called “Molehill” (see Completed Projects) which examined the waste generation and diversion activities and habits on 15 CRD project sites in the Greater Toronto Authority (GTA).

Using Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) to Reduce Construction, Renovation and Demolition (CRD) Wastes in Ontario is a pilot project based on the experience of the Molehill project and the experiences in the Cities of San Jose and Oakland California. The objective is to examine opportunities for municipalities to leverage waste planning and diversion through their permitting processes. This current pilot project, funded by the Ontario Ministry of the Environment, will launch in June 2008. Published results will be available in December 2008.

For more information contact Jo-Anne St. Godard, Executive Director at or 4156 657.2797 ext. 3




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