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Toward Zero Waste: The Future of Waste Diversion in Ontario, October 2009

An Update from the Minister of the Environment
Oct 19, 2009

In the fall of 2008, the Ontario Ministry of the Environment launched its review of the Waste Diversion Act, 2002 (WDA) – the statute under which provincial waste diversion programs are developed. The WDA is also the legislation that allows for the implementation of extended producer responsibility (EPR), an environmental policy approach that obligates producers to bear physical and/or financial responsibility for the end of life costs of their products and packaging.

The review of the WDA was conducted under the aspirational goal of a ‘Zero Waste’ future. It also facilitated an examination of the broader regulatory and policy framework that guides waste and recycling policies in Ontario.

In celebration of Waste Reduction Week the RCO hosted a reception with the Minister of the Environment, the Honourable John Gerretsen. RCO members and stakeholders heard from the Minister on the results of the WDA review and his insights into the future directions of waste management and diversion in Ontario. This Minister’s update and reception was a timely and important opportunity for RCO’s members and other stakeholders to remain informed.

The Minister’s speech can be accessed in pdf format, by clicking on the link ‘Minister’s Speech – Toward Zero Waste’ to the right.

About Waste Reduction Week?

Waste Reduction Week is a national education campaign that builds awareness for the need to reduce consumption, choose more environmentally responsible products/services, and divert more waste from disposal to conserve natural resources. The campaign is lead, developed and delivered by the Recycling Council of Ontario (RCO), along with 13 other ‘sister’ waste reduction and conservation organizations from across the country.




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