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Stewardship and Extended Producer Responsibility

RCO has been involved in the development of stewardship regulations for more than a decade. In the 1990s we were appointed by the Minister of the Environment to lead the “Roles and Responsibilities” process facilitating early discussions between industry and municipalities. These discussions lead to Bill 90, now the backbone of the Waste Diversion Act, which is the enabling legislation for stewardship in Ontario. The various policy positions taken by RCO that helped to form that legislation can be accessed via the links in the right-hand sidebar.

RCO is very active in the development and implementation of stewardship and EPR programs in Ontario. As the only environmental not-for-profit organization on the board of Waste Diversion Ontario (WDO), RCO provides feedback and comments on stewardship plans developed under the Waste Diversion Act. In addition, RCO leads and develops programs that operate outside regulation, such as TAKE BACK THE LIGHT.

Since its appointment by the Minister of the Environment to the WDO, RCO has supported the development and implementation of Stewardship Plans for the following materials:

  • Blue Box Program Plan
  • Used Oil
  • Scrap Tires
  • Municipal Hazardous and Special Wastes
  • Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment




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