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Landfill or incinerator: What’s the future of Toronto’s trash?

Date March 12, 2013 Author Jason Smith Categories RCO in the News

We have until 2029 before the landfill fills up, maybe longer if we do better at diversion. Then what?

There is a burning question facing municipalities across the province: What do we do with our garbage when the landfill is full?

Across much of the GTA, the answer — for now — seems to be energy-from-waste plants, the modern, cleaner face of incineration.


“When you make that capital investment, you need to keep giving material to that facility in order to justify that investment. You never build those facilities to shut them down,” says Jo-Anne St. Godard, executive director of the Recycling Council of Ontario.

The most environmentally progressive approach is zero waste through reduce, reuse and recycle, she says.

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