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Incentive low to recycle bulbs, says Ontario recycling head

Date March 7, 2013 Author Jason Smith Categories RCO in the News

Companies in Ontario are encouraged to recycle hazardous waste they produce or sell, but aren't being given enough incentives to do so, according to the head of a not-for-profit that oversees the recycling of compact fluorescent light bulbs.

Recycling Council of Ontario's Jo-Anne St. Godard said the province's Ministry of Environment could be doing a better job of making it easier for large retailers and producers to take back their own waste.

"On the one side you have the government saying … be good stewards and provide recovery and recyling services for the clients that buy your products, but on the other hand operationally they are saying don't get in this business because you are not operating under the same rules as everybody else," said St. Godard.

St. Godard's comments come after home improvement retailer Home Depot quietly ended its compact fluorescent light-bulb-recycling program nationwide.

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