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RCO Submission on proposed Waste Reduction Act – Bill 91 and Waste Reduction Strategy

Recycling Council of Ontario (RCO) has long been an advocate for a complete overhaul of waste policy in Ontario. In April 2013, RCO and the Ontario Waste Management Association held a press conference to call for new legislation that drives and achieves greater waste diversion.

In doing so, RCO asked for a simplified and streamlined approach to Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR), which requires individual producers of products and packaging to be fully responsible for ensuring their materials are properly managed at end-of-life, with improved oversight that focuses on results.

On June 6, 2013 the Government of Ontario took an important step forward to address the state of waste divesion in the province by unveiling its proposed Waste Reduction Act (WRA) and Waste Reduction Strategy. If passed by the Legislature, the WRA will replace the existing Waste Diversion Act.

In the proposed WRA and Waste Reduction Strategy, the Government of Ontario includes some aspects of EPR, as well as other notable features. While proposal legislation is an important step forward, RCO recognizes opportunities to improve the Act as it stands to support its main objective of full producer responsibility.

An executive summary and a full copy of RCO’s submission are linked at right, along with the proposed legislation and related strategy.





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