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Program Development

The Program Development Committee is comprised of members at large in addition to board members. The mandate of this committee is to provide guidance on current programs and projects. The committee also supports the Executive Director to identify new opportunities which are consistent with the overall goals and objectives of the organization. The work of this committee is meant to provide support with policy development and fundraising activities.

Key Functions of the Program Development Committee:

  • Develop evaluation criteria to assess appropriateness of program/project opportunities (e.g. affect on waste diversion activities or the development on waste/recycling policy, financial viability, opportunity to grow internal capacities and institutional knowledge, appropriateness of timing, etc.)
  • Work with the Executive Director to evaluate program/project opportunities against current policy priorities and current waste/recycling industry/government issues
  • Ensure that chosen project/programs support RCO's overall organizational objectives:
    • Become fiscally stable
    • Increase its profile and credibility
    • Increase its influence over the public policy process to effect environmental benefit
  • Develop the strategy and provide guidance on program/project implementation
  • Ensure projects and programs are developed and managed to provide RCO with revenue generating opportunities
  • Identify areas where projects and program can expand membership and help to secure those memberships

This committee meets approximately three or four times per year.




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