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Established in 2016 the Plastic Bag Grab challenge is a national program for elementary schools across Canada that promotes the 3Rs through awareness and action.

Schools in each province/territory are offered tools and resources to integrate Reduce, Reuse, Recycle into their curriculum, and are recognized for community engagement and collection efforts.

How It Works


  • register online at
  • learn about the importance of the 3Rs hierarchy
  • share community engagement efforts on social media using #plasticbaggrab.
  • collect single-use plastic bags for recycling for one week
  • drop their plastic bags for recycling at a designated Walmart location 

To maintain value of the material collected in the Plastic Bag Grab and demonstrate the viability of domestic markets, every plastic bag collected in the challenge will be processed and remanufactured in North America for use in new products, including outdoor furniture.

Schools that collect the most plastic bags for recycling per student and/or show their enthusiasm for the challenge and its message on social media, are eligible to win prizes to support environmental initiatives in their school or community.

In 2016, 419 schools registered and collected 2,279,601 single-use plastic bags for recycling.

In 2017, 541 schools registered and collected 2,339,717 single-use plastic bags for recycling. 




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