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Fight brewing over Ottawa green bins & coffee pods

Date April 10, 2018 Author Lucy Robinson Categories News

A company that produces compostable coffee pods received a rude awakening last week after learning that Ottawa plans to keep banning the pods from city green bins. “We were furious,” says John Pigott, chief executive officer of Club Coffee. The city announced last week it has restructured its green-bin contract with Orgaworld to allow plastic bags and dog feces to be included in the organic waste Ottawans send to a plant in rural south Ottawa. As proposed, the expanded list of items...

China is no longer world's dumping ground...

Date March 28, 2018 Author Lucy Robinson Categories News

The farms outside Shanghai are a healthy green. Traditional crops like broccoli and cabbage are growing quickly in the spring sun. But in the nearby village of Lu Qiao, they're harvesting something new and not nearly as natural: plastic. Great sheets of it once used for wrapping commercial products arrive on the back of an overflowing truck. Huge compressed blocks of old shopping bags fill every corner of the local recycling centre. Workers sort it all so it can be turned into something...

Trash talk

Date March 22, 2018 Author Lucy Robinson Categories RCO in the News

In a riot of clamouring bottles and backfiring brakes, a week’s worth of your trash gets trucked off to be recycled. It’s all very comforting to those of us who brag that we recycle everything – unless, like half the planet, your town was selling your discards to China. After years of buying over 50 per cent of the world’s scrap paper and plastic to fuel its growing resource-hungry economy, China announced it’s through with being the world’s “garbage dump” and, as of January...

China's Environmental Measures Affecting Trade

Date March 15, 2018 Author Lucy Robinson Categories Announcements | Industry News

Webinar Presentation July 2017: The world's largest importer and recycler of scrap metals, plastic, and paper, notified the World Trade Organization (WTO) that starting Dec. 31, 2017 it will prohibit the import of a wide range of materials. November 2017: China notified the WTO that as of March 1, 2018 there will be revised standards for the import of certain materials, including new limits for carried waste of allowable contaminants in shipments of materials.   To offer...

Cleanfarms adds grain bag recycling to its suite of agricultural stewardship programs

Date March 12, 2018 Author Lucy Robinson Categories Media Releases | Member News

Saskatchewan farmers will have access to another tool to help them farm sustainably and keep their yards clean as Cleanfarms’ permanent grain bag recycling program rolls out this year. A government-funded pilot project has been available since 2011. Through this pilot, farmers have recycled over four million kilograms of ag plastic. Farmers will see increased access through the launch of this permanent program. Clean, rolled grain bags will be accepted at collection sites at no charge....

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