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Coalition response to amended Blue Box Program Plan

Date January 17, 2018 Author Lucy Robinson Categories Announcements | Industry News | News

In August 2017, the Minister of the Environment and Climate Change requested the Resource Productivity and Recovery Authority (RPRA) and Stewardship Ontario submit a proposal for an amended Blue Box Program. The direction was characterized as the first phase transition for the Blue Box Program ... and will set the stage for a second phase of transition that will result in individual producer responsibility under the Resource Recovery and Circular Economy Act (RRCEA). In short, the amended...

No more plastic bags in Montreal; first major Canadian city to implement ban

Date January 2, 2018 Author Lucy Robinson Categories News

Montreal implemented its long-planned ban on plastic bags on Monday, making it the first major Canadian city to do so. The ban covers the distribution of lightweight plastic bags with a thickness of less than 50 microns as well as biodegradable bags, which contain an additive that causes them to decompose in heat and light. There is an exception for the thin bags that are used in grocery stores to transport fruit and vegetables to the cash register or to wrap up meat. City officials say...

Canadians will throw out 540,000 tonnes of wrapping paper and gift bags this Christmas season

Date December 29, 2017 Author Lucy Robinson Categories News

Canadians will send 100,000 elephants worth of wrapping paper to the dump this year and Christmas presents are a big culprit. Zero Waste Canada, a Vancouver-based advocacy group, estimates each Canadian tosses about 50 kilograms of garbage over the holidays, 25 per cent more than the rest of the year, thanks to the purchase of 3,000 tonnes of foil, 2.6 billion Christmas cards and six millions rolls of tape. Altogether, 540,000 tonnes of wrapping paper and gift bags are thrown out each year....

App offers recycling, composting pointers

Date December 27, 2017 Author Lucy Robinson Categories Industry News

You are done picking away at the bird, a mountain of stuffing has found a new home in your belly, you have loosened your belt a notch or two and the turkey bones have been boiled for hours for an excellent broth. Now what to do with the remains? The city has developed an app that will help you with all your holiday refuse. Waste Wise was developed in March 2016 and originally launched on the city’s website, but Renee Brownlee, manager of solid waste and administrative services, said when...

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