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Canadian Standards Association drafts technical document for recycling standards

Date September 10, 2014 Author Jason Smith Categories Industry News

The Ontario Waste Management Association commissioned the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) to develop a Technical Guide: Recycling Process, Audit, and Verification Guideline for Ontario, and the final draft available for public review and comment. The guide aims to standardize the environment that primary and secondary processors operate in, and define common performance standards and definitions in support of best practices. It also tries to clarify the flow of materials, from the point...

Progress report on the Canada-wide action plan for extended producer responsibility: 2014

Date July 29, 2014 Author Jason Smith Categories Industry News

The Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment (CCME) has published a Progress Report on the Canada-wide Action Plan for Extended Producer Responsibility: 2014. This report summarizes progress by jurisdictions since 2009 in implementing the Canada-wide Action Plan for Extended Producer Responsibility (CAP-EPR). It includes an overview of the commitments and the status of activities by jurisdictions for each product category under CAP-EPR, as well as a snapshot of program performance for...

Statistics Canada releases industry survey results

Date August 21, 2013 Author Jason Smith Categories Industry News

Statistics Canada released its 2010 Waste Management Industry Survey: Business and Government Sectors, which gathers information on the financial characteristics and waste management activities by companies, local governments, and other waste management bodies; and analyzes data to provide a detailed statistical overview of the industry at national and provincial levels. Observations: Nationally, both disposal and diversion totals decreased overall. Canada and Ontario’s diversion rates...

CFL Bulb Recycling in Ontario

Date March 12, 2013 Author Jason Smith Categories Industry News

Compact Fluorescent Light (CFL) bulb recycling Home Depot no longer accepts burned out CFLs for recycling. To keep mercury out of landfill and ensure that 100 per cent of the bulbs are properly recycled, Ontario residents may take burned CFLs to some RONA and Ikea retail locations (check local stores for specific information on take back initiatives). Ontario residents may also consult with their local municipality for drop-off locations or events. Businesses looking to properly dispose of...

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