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Coloured plastic foam off recycling list, city says

Date May 3, 2016 Author Jason Smith Categories News

After cooking a salmon fillet or striploin steak this weekend, be sure to place the coloured plastic foam, or expanded polystyrene, meat trays in the garbage. The City of Kingston has announced that coloured or dyed plastic foam, or expanded polystyrene — often used for meat tray packaging — will not be accepted in the blue box program starting May 9. White plastic foam can still be recycled. Although coloured plastic foam has been accepted in blue boxes for many years, it has recently...

Blue box brouhaha: Ottawa resident files complaint over recycling bin scavengers Flash Flash

Date April 27, 2016 Author Jason Smith Categories News

Should neighbours and passersby be able to take bottles out of your recycling bin for the cash refund? That question was at the centre of a debate sparked in an Ottawa neighbourhood recently when a resident filed a complaint over recycling bin scavenging. Liba Bender says it’s fine if genuinely needy people rifle through her recycling bin at the curb.   More from CTV News  

The Spectator's View: An easy way to reduce waste

Date April 6, 2016 Author Jason Smith Categories News

It's a question politicians must ask themselves regularly: are they elected to lead or follow? Do they do what voters tell them or do they tell voters what's best? Most would say it is a little of both. Democracy is not perfect, and voters can be selfish. Individual taxpayers can be selfish; they do not necessarily take into account the needs of the community as a whole. More from the Hamilton Spectator

Port au Port man treks 750 km, just to recycle

Date March 29, 2016 Author Jason Smith Categories News

The inability to recycle plastics in his hometown of Port au Port hasn't stopped Chris Soper from finding a way to keep his plastic waste out of the landfill. "It sounds crazy, but I've literally taken 20 to 40 pounds, no exaggeration, of plastic containers, like ice cream and yogurt containers … and I'll truck them across the island to St. John's," Soper told The Corner Brook Morning Show. More from

Packaged avocados raise concerns among consumers

Date March 15, 2016 Author Jason Smith Categories News

Tue, Mar 15: Sobeys sells ‘Calvalo Avocado Halves’ as part of a pilot program in Ontario, but consumers say the product doesn’t cut it. Mark McAllister reports. More from Global News.

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