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Waste not, want not: Would you wear shoes made of fish?

Date July 14, 2017 Author Lucy Robinson Categories News

A look at Jamie-Lee Cormier's brightly coloured leather earrings and bracelets reveals something unexpected: the leather has scales.

That's because it's made with Newfoundland cod leather.

"Everyone's always really amazed when they see it," said the crafts producer who sells her products online."

Jamie-Lee Cormier's cod leather and seal skin bracelet

Jamie-Lee Cormier makes bracelets from cod leather and seal skin. (Jamie-Lee Cormier)

Though it may seem weird to Cormier's Canadian customers, fish leather has been making a splash on international runways for a few years.

Christian Dior, Prada and Nike have all been experimenting with fish leather products, from shoes to handbags. It's part of a growing worldwide movement to reduce waste in commercial fisheries and to make more money using less fish.

For those following innovation in sustainable fisheries development, it probably comes as no surprise that these fashion houses are getting their fish leather from Iceland.

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