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Membership Benefits

1. Networking with government at all levels, environmental non-profits, environmental consultants, industry and more. Membership gives you the ability to discuss common concerns -be they government policy changes or industry challenges. As well, you will have increased access to other members of the community who are working towards common goals.

2. Accessing information on recycling and waste avoidance issues disseminated by RCO to its members. RCO acts as a clearinghouse for information from government, industry and other organizations. This current information is made available to our members on an on-going basis. RCO research and publications are also available to members for free or at a reduced rate.

3. Affiliation with other organizations with common goals. Your participation in RCO allows for common concerns to be voiced by a larger group.

4. Reduced rate attendance at all forums, workshops, seminars and special events. RCO gives its members the advantage of reduced rates on every event that we host.

5. Multi-sectoral perspectives on current issues. Since RCO brings together representatives from a variety of sectors (government, industry, individuals, non-profits) you have a chance to participate, in an informal and neutral setting, about the issues that concern other sectors. The RCO brings together representatives from a variety of sectors (government, industry, non-for-profits, individuals etc.) in a neutral, informal setting conducive to learning about the issues and concerns of other stakeholders.

6. Credibility and recognition by affiliating with an organization that has a long history of environmental stewardship. Our exclusive 'Member Of' logo (for use on your web site, business cards and stationary) will clearly define you as a supporter of RCO's 3Rs principles in both your personal and professional capacities.

7. Policy input. As a member of RCO your voice is heard in policy and strategy development. You can sit as a representative on the policy committee working groups or monitor the groups and comment when you feel it is appropriate. Members have input into how RCO adapts its policies to a changing world and changing government perspectives.

8. Voting privileges at RCO's Annual General Meeting and the opportunity to run for a seat on the Board of Directors is only available to members. Members can also participate on RCO committees, such as Program Development and Events.

9. Web links including an on-line "e-Directory" of recycling resources on the RCO website - for the general public and industry. All members in the Business category will receive a complimentary basic listing with their membership. The RCO site receives over 100,000 hits per month - a clear advantage to having your website linked to ours.

10. Subscription to RCO Highlights the Headlines, e-Newsletters & Member Bulletins. Members receive daily emailed news coverage of local, national and international environmental, waste management and diversion issues, e- newsletters and occasional bulletins.

11. Use of the RCO Logo.  Please click here for more information on using the RCO's logo.




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