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App offers recycling, composting pointers

Date December 27, 2017 Author Lucy Robinson Categories Industry News

You are done picking away at the bird, a mountain of stuffing has found a new home in your belly, you have loosened your belt a notch or two and the turkey bones have been boiled for hours for an excellent broth.

Now what to do with the remains? The city has developed an app that will help you with all your holiday refuse.

Waste Wise was developed in March 2016 and originally launched on the city’s website, but Renee Brownlee, manager of solid waste and administrative services, said when the city introduced a two-bag garbage limit, they decided to go with an app.

“We’re expecting to get more diversion because of the reduction in the bag limit,” she said. “Everything is right at your fingertips and we really wanted to be with the times and to be able to provide that information the way people want it. Nobody wants to sit down at a computer anymore to look something up on a website. If you have an app for it, it’s right at your fingertips and when you’re doing the garbage or cleaning up after dinner, you don’t want to stop and sit at your computer. Most people have their phone by them all the time and if you’ve got this app it’s a quick thing.”

To date, there have been about 1,000 downloads. The app only costs $3,000 annually, but it is worth it.

“We’re trying to help people manage their waste, and recycle more and recycle better,” Brownlee said. “It seems people like the app. Overall we have a rating of 4.5, so it seems people are finding it useful.”  

Waste Wise will definitely come in handy over the holidays, since more trash is generated then than at any other time of the year.

“If you don’t know where it goes, take a second and look it up,” Brownlee said. “It’s definitely our biggest time of the year. When you say trash, I take that to mean green cart waste, blue box waste and garbage waste. With a limit on the bags, it’s really important that we divert as much as possible. Around Christmas time is when we have the most recycling. It is the busiest time of the year for us.”

Brownlee said the city can see what the most searched items are on Waste Wise. Ziploc zipper bags rank high and if you really want to be keen, you can cut off the zipper and recycle the bag. The zipper portion gets tossed in the garbage.

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