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Barrie’s green-bin program a stinking success

Date June 11, 2016 Author Jason Smith Categories Industry News

In a single year, nearly twice as many Barrie residents are using green bins. Despite launching a green-bin program in 2006, it was not until 2015 when the city changed garbage collection to every other week that it saw a surge in participation, according to Sandra Brunet, Barrie’s environmental operations manager. 

Usage spiked from 26 per cent in early 2006, to 47 per cent last year, she said. 

The city is currently undergoing a pilot project to expand the green-bin program to include multi-residential units, starting with 11 condos and apartments, as well as one townhouse complex.

This is expected to be implemented in 2017, Brunet said.

However, there is no plan to incorporate diapers, pet waste or any other items into the city’s green-bin program, she said. 

“Our processors cannot handle this material. Barrie seems to be coping well, which is what is seen with other municipalities that have similar programs,” she said. 

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