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Canadian Standards Association drafts technical document for recycling standards

Date September 10, 2014 Author Jason Smith Categories Industry News

The Ontario Waste Management Association commissioned the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) to develop a Technical Guide: Recycling Process, Audit, and Verification Guideline for Ontario, and the final draft available for public review and comment.

The guide aims to standardize the environment that primary and secondary processors operate in, and define common performance standards and definitions in support of best practices. It also tries to clarify the flow of materials, from the point of collection through to final disposition, as well as a method to account for these flows.

Stakeholders that may wish to review and comment on the document:

  • primary and secondary processors responsible for ensuring environmentally sound management of end-of-life materials;
  • waste generators (municipal and IC&I) interested in complying with regulatory requirements for waste management, including transportation, occupational and public health, and ensuring materials are being recycled and managed properly;
  • industry stewards/manufacturers that want assurances they will not contribute to the improper end-of-life management of products, and guidance on best practices for reducing environmental impact of operations;
  • provincial/local government staff responsible for regulating, approving, and overseeing recycling facilities, as well as ensuring the implementation of effective recycling programs;
  • researchers and academics interested in recycling standards, guides, and best practices;
  • general public that want assurances that products' end-of-life and packaging are properly managed without risk to human health or the environment.

Public review is open until Friday, Oct. 24, 2014, and CSA welcomes comment with regard to the technical content the guide, which will be reviewed by committee in November.

Final publication is March 2015.

Access the draft Technical Guide: Recycling Process, Audit, and Verification Guideline for Ontario. Please note, registration (free) is required to access and comment on the document.

Recycling Council of Ontario is currently reviewing the document, and will offer its comments within the prescribed timeframe. If there are any comments or concerns RCO members would like to raise, we are available to discuss them with you.





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