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Ontario ENGOs unite to encourage new legislation

Date July 27, 2015 Author Jason Smith Categories Industry News

Correspondence to Premier of Ontario urges action on legislation

RCO, along with eight other environmental and health organizations, sent a joint letter to the Hon. Kathleen Wynne, Premier of Ontario to urge the Government of Ontario to move forward on tabling new waste reduction and resource recovery policy for the province. Ontario's waste reduction/diversion performance has remained at 25 per cent for more than a decade, while valuable resources continue to be disposed of and methane from landfill continues to contribute to greenhouse gas emissions.

In the letter, the organizations outlined fundamental principles that should be included in a new Waste Reduction and Resource Recovery Act:

  • Clear hierarchy of waste reduction and resource recovery that pushes for the highest and best use of materials and resources. 
  • Transparency and public accountability of any delegated administrative authority. 
  • Ministry of Environment and Climate Change to retain inspection and enforcement functions as opposed to transferring them to a delegated administrative authority. 
  • Use of supportive policies, such as disposal bans and levies, to achieve the highest and best use of all resources and reduced waste disposal.

The organizations also requested stipulations with regard to waste reduction on producers that bring goods and services to market in Ontario:

  • Polluter pays: individual producer responsibility with no transfer of liability. 
  • Full responsibility for reducing, reusing, and recycling wastes associated with their products. 
  • Subject to strictly enforced environmental performance targets and standards. 
  • Requirements to address waste from all sectors and all geographical regions across Ontario.

Read the letter in full (PDF, 2 pages, 89 KB).





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