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China's Environmental Measures Affecting Trade

Date February 20, 2018 Author Lucy Robinson Categories Announcements | Industry News

Webinar Presentation

July 2017: The world's largest importer and recycler of scrap metals, plastic, and paper, notified the World Trade Organization (WTO) that starting Dec. 31, 2017 it will prohibit the import of a wide range of materials such as household plastics scrap, unsorted waste paper, discarded textiles, and vanadium slag.

November 2017: China notified the WTO that as of March 1, 2018 there will be revised standards for the import of certain other materials, including revised limits for carried waste of allowable contaminants in shipments of these materials: plastic wastes and scraps, wood wastes, paper or paperboard, scrap iron and steel, nonferrous metal scrap, etc.


North American companies and local governments have made substantial changes to their operations in response to the prohibition and revised standards, and the sharp decrease in import licenses issued by Beijing in late 2017 and 2018.

That's why Recycling Council of Ontario was pleased to host complimentary webinar featuring senior representatives from Environment and Climate Change Canada and Global Affairs Canada.

China's Environmental Measures Affecting Trade in Waste, Scrap, and Recycled Materials

Thursday, March 15, 2018
1 - 2 p.m. ET

Jo-Anne St. Godard
Executive Director
Recycling Council of Ontario



                   Julie Croteau
                     Head, International Section
                Environment & Climate Change Canada


Andrew Wright 
Trade Policy Officer
Global Affairs Canada

Webinar Objectives

Better understand China's ban and revised standards in relation to the Basel Convention and:  

  • material management industry
  • local governments
  • private sector generators in the Industrial, Commercial and Institutional sector
  • producer responsibility and stewardship program operators
  • provincial policy makers and oversight organizations

Understand policy changes of the Government of Canada as it relates to the exportation and importation of hazardous waste and hazardous recyclable material

Provide an open forum for impacted stakeholders to improve their understanding of China's new environmental measures affecting trade in waste, scrap and recycled materials under their National Sword initiative.

Discussion Topics

  • China's notifications under the WTO" China's import prohibition of certain materials
  • China's revised standards for import of other materials 
  • The Basel Convention
  • Canada's federal Regulations
  • Canadian stakeholder responsibility & liability
  • Government of Canada response  

Copy of presentation slides and an archived recording will be posted shortly. 






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