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Premier delivers mandates to Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change

Date September 29, 2014 Author Jason Smith Categories Industry News

As part its initiative to improve transparency, the Government of Ontario publicly released mandate letters from Premier Kathleen Wynne to each of her cabinet ministers.

Addressing the Honourable Glen Murray, Minister of the Environment and Climate Change, Premier Wynne outlined a series of priorities his ministry must undertake.

Specific to increasing waste diversion:

Developing and implementing improved approaches to waste diversion. Your ministry will do so by building on the release of the Waste Reduction Strategy and working with industry, municipalities and other stakeholders toward the objective of re-introducing waste reduction legislation. The goal for your ministry is to ensure the ongoing sustainability and appropriate governance of waste diversion programs. This is critical to protecting the environment, recovering economic value in the waste stream and reaping GHG reduction benefits by using resources more efficiently.

In addition, Premier Wynne addressed enhancing polluter responsibility.

Reviewing the legislative framework to ensure there is a comprehensive approach to holding polluters responsible for decisions that affect the environment. Your ministry will put greater emphasis on prevention and on the "polluter pays" principle, focusing initially on contaminated sites.

The complete list of mandate letters to Ontario ministries. 





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