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Jun 12 2018
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Low Carbon Buildings: The New Toronto Green Standard and CaGBC's Zero Carbon Building Standard

Across Canada, policies and programs that focus on reducing carbon emissions from the building sector are being advanced. What are we doing to champion the move to lower-carbon buildings and support Canada’s efforts to reduce Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions by 2030? Come to this breakfast session to learn about new programs from the City of Toronto and the CaGBC!

During this session, Lisa King will present an overview of the two-phase study undertaken by the City of Toronto and The Atmospheric Fund to develop Toronto's new Zero Emissions Buildings Framework which sets out a performance pathway to near zero emissions by 2030 for Toronto's major building types. In this presentation you will hear about the energy, resilience, GHG and cost benefits of high performance buildings and updates to the Toronto Green Standard.

Mark Hutchinson will introduce the CaGBC’s new Zero Carbon Building program, the first of its kind to make carbon reductions the key indicator for building performance. Designed to be broadly applicable, the program focuses on annual verification of emissions while including targeted design criteria for new construction.

Dave Ramslie will discuss how the two programs interface, including synergies for new construction projects. Come to this session to learn about the challenges and opportunities for achieving high-performance low carbon buildings.

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Starts: 2017-06-13 07:30:00
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