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Jun 12 2018
Recycling Council of Ontario (RCO) offers annual Waste Auditor Training sessions, which are based...
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Knowledge Sessions: Smart Procurement: Reducing Waste Through Buying Power

A showcase series to support performance improvement in waste reduction


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Smart Procurement: Reducing Waste Through Buying Power 


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Improving environmental performance and reducing costs are two pivotal objectives for any organization. By instituting an effective procurement program, organizations can choose products and packaging that are simple for customers, tenants, and management to manage; at the same time, leverage commodity values, drive down costs, and reduce liability.

On Oct. 8, 2015, Recycling Council of Ontario (RCO) hosted the second of its Knowledge Sessions series, which invited candid dialogue among invited guests and the audience on making purchasing decisions that moves innovation and sustainability forward.

Key points of discussion

  • Request for Proposal (RFP) process must be more conducive to flexibility of service and future innovation and new technologies.
  • Decrease in waste disposal and increase in recycling has complicated the waste management services industry.
    • Instead of bulk of materials sent to landfill, the opposite is occurring.
    • With the growth of material diversion, service providers must be able to adapt their business model by offering to divert a rising variety of materials and being a committed partner to find diversified solutions that may be offered by others.
  • Procurement specialists should rely on technical professionals to assess a company’s waste management services, conduct or review a recent waste audit, and provide an unbiased opinion of what should be included in an RFP before it goes to market.
  • For national organizations, identifying common vendors that can provide similar service across the country makes performance tracking and reporting easier.
  • Leadership is important to push for better results and empowers those tasked with procurement to ask more from service providers. Relationship management is key so that an honest conversation can occur around meeting the growing sustainability-related needs of a company, even if it requires changes.
  • Overarching sustainability commitments do not help procurement specialists. Specific sustainability objectives should be included for the kind of produce and/or service the RFP is written for. To include innovation in an RFP or contract, add a section that requires your service provider to provide periodic updates on new markets and/or technologies that could be of interest to the client. This can be done annually or every few years.


Sonya Fiorini

Sonya Fiorini leads the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) portfolio for Canada's largest retailer, Loblaw Companies Limited. As Sr. Director of CSR, she is responsible for the company’s industry-leading CSR programs. She has a specialized honours degree in Environmental Studies and nearly twenty years of professional experience in senior roles in both the public and private sector.

Lynn Horricks

With more than 25 years of experience in the commercial design industry, Lynn Horricks brings a breadth of project knowledge as it relates to interior space. Since 2010, Ms. Horricks has focused on engaging and educating the marketplace to a better way to build out through technology to transform behaviours, and encouraging the uptake of new attitudes with a focus on technology-driven solutions for custom prefabrication in the built environment.

Derrick Tuyl

Derrick Tuyl is a waste and recycling professional with 28 years of experience helping customers find the best solutions for managing their waste. As a principal with PragmaTech, he helped implement Pandora™, a web-based platform designed to support waste management service, production, purchasing, sales, and marketing functions within an organization. The goal of Pandora™ is to automate business processes, workflows, and interactions between businesses and customers to drastically improve their efficiency of operations and reduce costs.



  Jo-Anne St. Godard

Jo-Anne St. Godard is Executive Director of Recycling Council of Ontario, and plays a key role in furthering the waste reduction and recycling mandate in Ontario and beyond. Her expertise relates to development of policies and practices that drive waste reduction and recycling outcomes under market-based approaches, and works with businesses and industry to help them understand and leverage opportunity from their environmental obligations and business models.



Loblaw 2014 Corporate Social Responsibility Report

Pandora technology

DIRTT Environmental Solutions

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