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Energy from Waste (EFW)

RCO has held the following policy on energy from waste (EFW) since 1996:  POSITION ON ENERGY FROM WASTE, FUEL SUBSTITUTION AND INCINERATION

The RCO is committed to reduction, reuse and recycling as the preferred methods of avoiding waste and conserving resources. The RCO believes that energy from waste, fuel substitution and incineration should be considered on a case by case basis only if:


1. It is clearly demonstrated that all reduction, reuse, and recycling initiatives are maximized.

2. Any technique used to handle remaining residual materials is of net benefit to the environment and economically sound.

3. Energy from waste or fuel substitution initiatives meet or exceed stringently enforced environmental performance standards.

4. Incineration of solid non-hazardous waste includes energy recovery

In November 2006 RCO hosted a one day workshop on EFW which featured experts from around the globe. Details of that event and the various presentations can be found in the Events section.




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