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RCO Members: As per our governance bylaw 2.02 (b) a runoff vote is required to break a tie between two candidates for the final board seat. Please review the following information then vote for the candidate of your choice using the instructions emailed to you separately.

Dear RCO Members,

The importance of the RCO and its profile in the business and environmental communities has attracted over 13 qualified nominees from various backgrounds who have many varied skills that would contribute to a skills-based Board of Directors. All nominees have to be congratulated for standing for election and promoting RCO’s efforts, and I hope they all continue their support even though only four Board seats are available.

This election has resulted in a tie between Kelly Noseworthy and me for the fourth and final Board seat. I personally after 10 years on the Board had to step down after reaching the RCO Board service limit, but I am ready to bring new ideas and my leadership skills to serve the RCO membership effectively. I have provided my brief bio for your review and will continue to support and serve RCO in whatever capacity its staff and members choose for me as a loyal member.

Thank you for your past support and this opportunity to serve you.  If you have any questions or wish to speak with me, please call me at 416-930-1796.


Joseph P. Hruska
Hruska & Associates
Hamilton, ON, Canada
Cell: 416-930-1796 Ph.: 905-561-3595
jhruska [at]

Hruska & Associates
Environment & Management Strategies Group

A well-known business and environmental industry executive, Joe Hruska brings a wealth of experience from various sectors including steel, petroleum, commercial banking, public policy and environmental protection. Joe is President of Hruska & Associates, Environment & Management Strategies Group that advises corporate and public sector clients on product stewardship issues, business management strategies and government relations.

His past experience includes Executive Director of the Dofasco and Stelco joint steel can and empty aerosol recycling efforts, a ministerial appointment to Ontario’s Recycling Advisory Committee (RAC), a number of senior executive and Board of Director positions with Ontario Multi-Material Recycling Inc. (OMMRI) and Corporations Supporting Recycling (CSR). He is well known for his work in launching the Blue Box with governments and industry, markets development for recyclables and promoting industry/government partnerships that have led to sustainable funding of the Blue Box Recycling systems.

Other past directorships have included Third Sector Recycling and Collective Selective Quebec. He has a long record as a member of the Recycling Council of Ontario spanning over 25 years where he was actively involved on fund raising, conference (conference chair) and policy committees. He has also served on the RCO Board for 10 consecutive years as a Director, Executive Committee and as Vice-Chair contributing to RCO’s new program development to support RCO’s long term financial sustainability through strong leadership and commitment to RCO’s Guiding Principles.

Good day, I hope this note finds you healthy and happy!

As a member of the Recycling Council of Ontario, you are aware of the recent re-election.  Early results show there is a tie between two people, ME and one other member.

Being a member and a director on the board is a pleasure and an honour.  I respect the RCO and what it represents.  I also appreciate its members and value your opinions and ideas as they relate to the ongoing success of the RCO.  As a director, I choose to represent all of us in a positive manner, serving our families and our communities and working to protect the health of our planet.

The bio below will show my commitment and desire to ensure RCO's programs stay efficient, effective and relevant.  It is important we continue to promote sustainability by being mindful of our consumption habits and reducing waste. 

I am a television journalist who specializes in weather and environmental news.  I draw knowledge from a variety of sources weaving both first-person recollection as well as scientific data to create my stories.  I endeavour to produce these segments in a way that is broad in appeal for a national viewing audience through multi-media sources.

Personally and professionally, I choose to live a lifestyle that is respectful of our planet.  My years of experience working with numerous environmental groups including RCO, makes me an excellent candidate to serve as a board member.

The advantage of voting for me is that RCO's message of sustainability and waste management will continue to be part of the national discussion through my stories which are broadcast daily.
Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Yours respectfully,

Kelly Noseworthy
Journalist – Ontario Bureau
The Weather Network
Ph.: 905-526-7728
kanoseworthy [at]

The Weather Network

Kelly Noseworthy has always loved the outdoors. It was Kelly's curiosity about the environment that led her to pursue her journalism career at The Weather Network. Originally from Brockville, Ontario, Kelly experienced first-hand how powerful nature can be when her home town was hit by the Ice Storm of 1998. This experience taught Kelly about the danger and beauty of nature. It also re-ignited her sense of social responsibility and respect for the world we live in.

Kelly studied Journalism at Loyalist College in Belleville, Ontario and began her journalism career at a local radio station in Kingston, Ontario as a general assignment reporter and weekend anchor. Kelly went on to pursue her career in television as a part-time reporter and assignment coordinator at Global Television in Toronto & part-time reporter at CHTV in Hamilton, before joining The Weather Network in May 2006. At The Weather Network, Kelly specializes in weather and environmental news. An international award winning journalist, she has had the opportunity to collaborate with many well-known, respected environmental organizations.

Kelly’s skills, experience and adventurous personality have connected her with people striving to make a difference in their communities. Kelly prides herself on choosing a lifestyle that is respectful of our planet. In her spare time, Kelly volunteers for the Recycling Council of Ontario, SABAR (Strategic Alliance of Broadcasters for Aboriginal Reflection) and other local groups. She also enjoys entertaining family and friends, trail running, hiking, exploring other cultures/countries, reading, cooking/baking and gardening.

Kelly has completed a two year term as a board member with RCO. She has also worked with RCO staff on several initiatives and issues in the past including; litterless lunches, composting and the phasing out of plastic bags. As a member of the media, Kelly has a ‘real world’ sensibility about what constitutes a news story. Kelly hopes to share ideas that will raise RCO’s profile.




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