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Deputation to the City of Toronto Public Works & Infrastructure Committee on KPMG Report

Date July 20, 2011 Author Jason Smith Categories Announcements

Deputation to the City of Toronto Public Works & Infrastructure Committee

Sarah Mills, Manager of Special Projects

Recycling Council of Ontario; 416-657-2797 ext. 7


I appreciate the opportunity to speak here today.  My name is Sarah Mills, I am the Manager of Special Projects for the Recycling Council of Ontario.  Jo-Anne St. Godard, my organizations Executive Director, sends her regrets as she is out of the country and unable to attend today.

As many of you may not be familiar with the Recycling Council of Ontario, I would just like to provide a brief overview of what our organization is about. The RCO is a membership-based, non-government, non-profit organization whose focuses are waste management and the 3Rs hierarchy. Our broad-based membership is comprised of a diverse group of organizations and individuals from product manufacturers to waste haulers, governments and individuals, academics and other not-for-profits. We were instrumental in the creation of the first blue box program and have been heavily involved in waste reduction and product stewardship for more than 30 years. Currently, our Executive Director sits on the Board of Waste Diversion Ontario.

The purpose of the KPMG report was to identify opportunities for potential budget savings for the 2012 budget and review user fees and service efficiencies. Unfortunately, two months is woefully insufficient to do a review and analysis of this magnitude. This committee should delay any decision-making based on this report until significantly more research is done.

Based on our review of the report, the waste management service reductions suggested by the report will have minimal to no budgetary savings benefits as these services are paid for primarily or entirely through user and/or stewardship fees.  

In reference to the review of services, the conclusion from KPMG’s review of services is that waste management services should be reduced. However, the purpose of the service review should have been to ensure that service efficiencies are being maximized so areas that are below standard can be improved to at least meet standard levels. Instead, the report suggested ways to lower service standards.


Click here to download a PDF of the full deputation given to the Toronto Public Works Committee.



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