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Toronto targeting recycling contamination with bin inspections

Date December 12, 2017 Author Lucy Robinson Categories Member News | News

The City of Toronto says it’s lifting the lids on residents’ recycling bins in order to help curb a pricey problem.

Roughly 26 per cent of what gets put in recycling bins is actually garbage, and the city says it’s costing millions of dollars.

“For every percentage point we can reduce that, the city will save between $600,000 and $1 million a year,” said Jim McKay, general manager for Toronto’s Solid Waste Management Services Division.

Bin inspections have been happening for several weeks in an attempt to address the issue, he told the Kelly Cutrara Show on Tuesday.

McKay said that blue bins that don’t pass muster will be tagged and educational materials left behind for the residents. The second time around, he said, the bins will be not be collected, and the homeowners will be asked to remove the unrecyclable items.

The city is also mulling issuing fines for those who can’t seem to get the message.

“I hope we never have to go there, we’re certainly not planning on doing that in the very near future because we are seeing some good results, but ultimately we may have to go there for certain residents who just don’t care,” McKay said.

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