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2011 Ontario Election & Waste Diversion

Prior to the 2011 provincial election, RCO wanted to ensure that commitments to waste diversion and EPR were core components of the various political platforms of the major Ontario political parties.

Accordingly, in conjunction with a key group of stakeholders within the sector, RCO sent a letter (see link at right) to each of the political leaders (Liberal, Green Party, NDP and Progressive Conservatives) posing key questions regarding their commitments and plans to progress waste diversion and EPR policies and programs during their term. Specifically, the letter asked each party leader to share their positions and plans for key policy opportunities including improvements to the Waste Diversion Act (WDA), disposal levies and material/product landfill bans. With respect to programs that currently exist under the WDA, the letter asked for positions and plans to address program performance, transparency and governance, as well as financial models that better facilitate competitiveness in the marketplace.

We are pleased to share with you the following responses (linked at right) received from the Liberal, Green, New Democrat and Progressive Conservative parties.

With the election now behind us, the coalition has submitted its joint feedback specifically to Premier McGuinty on his Government's commitments. You can also download that coalition letter from the links on the right.

(Just as a reminder, RCO’s submission to government on the Waste Diversion Act review can be found here.)




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